How many bees can fit on one flower?How many bees can fit on one flower?
Mmmm, pollenMmmm, pollen
Hello, Mr. Bumblebee!Hello, Mr. Bumblebee!
  • How many bees can fit on one flower?
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  • Mmmm, pollen
  • Hello, Mr. Bumblebee!

Our neighbour planted passion vine to grow up a trellis, and it has not-so-subtly taken over a large part of our backyard. The stuff is seriously invasive. The areas where it’s popping up and thriving are 20-30 feet away from the original planting site.

First it just started popping up in the grass. Then it found the (former) back porch area, which was harder to mow around, and took off. It took over the side of the porch. It started growing up through the cracks in the steps. It took over the AC unit.

I was fairly annoyed with its invasiveness until I saw the bumblebees. They go bonkers over the flowers. It also just so happens that they also make excellent photography subjects.

The passion vine got ripped out along with the back porch, and it was very sad to see the bumble bees buzzing around in search of the flowers. They came back searching for days afterwards.

The passion vine will return, whether I like it or not. I hope to eventually transplant it into a more appropriate location just so the bees can enjoy it. A weed is just a plant in the wrong place.

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