Last summer and fall I planted carrots. The temps in the summer were too hot for the seeds to germinate, so I kept planting in the fall. Eventually some of the seeds germinated, but their growth was cut off by the cold of the fall and winter.

I was excited to see them start growing again this spring. You’ve already seen the results of their growth. But – have you ever seen a carrot flower? I hadn’t until this spring.

Carrots are biennials, which means that they take two years to go through their life cycle and produce seeds. Most of the time we grow carrots as annuals, because we just want the root that grows in the first year. But, left to grow into their second year, carrots will flower and produce seeds. You may notice that the flower looks oddly familiar, like Queen Anne’s Lace. Carrots are in fact in the same family as Queen Anne’s Lace, also known as the wild carrot.

Now you know.

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