Fertility Awareness Method iPhone AppFertility Awareness Method iPhone App
CoMo Homestead in Examiner.comCoMo Homestead in Examiner.com
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  • CoMo Homestead in Examiner.com

We (almost) feel famous.

Thanks to Rebecca for visiting with us and featuring a story on us and CoMo Homestead in Examiner.com.

Vox Magazine also featured a story on us for a separate project we’ve been quietly working on: FAMnerd, a Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) iPhone app. If you’re not familiar with FAM, 1) it’s not the Rhythm Method, 2) as contraception it’s as effective as the birth control pill, and 3) you should read this.

Because of the difference in content and audience sensitivities of an urban homesteading blog vs. a fertility blog and product, I plan to keep the sites separate. FAM, however, is an integral part of our goal of living more healthy and self-sufficient lives, and it is green birth control.

If you are interested in FAMnerd, please use the Contact form to sign up to be notified when it’s released. It should be sometime this year. Or, if you’d like a more one-on-one discussion on FAM, send me a message through the Contact form. We’re also on Twitter and Facebook.

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