Azure Standard is a bulk and natural foods buying club. Why should you know about Azure? They just established a drop-off point in Columbia (and many other places around the country), which allows you to purchase from them and have your order dropped off in your city, without paying any shipping.

Most of the foods are organic or naturally grown, purchased from the group of farmers that collaborates with Azure.

I haven’t done an in-depth price comparison yet, but my impression is that many of their prices for organic foods are comparable with conventionally grown foods at local grocery stores, and in some cases they are much cheaper. To check on their prices, go to Azure Standard and create an account.

If you’re in CoMo, use this drop point number when placing your order: 793305. The deadline to order for the May 6 drop is this Tuesday, April 26. To get all the information from the coordinator for Columbia, join the Yahoo Group or Facebook Group.

I just placed my first order through Azure, and stocked up on organic dry goods like flours, beans and pastas. I plan to do an in-depth price comparison once I get the order.

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