Fall-planted garlic pushing up through the soilFall-planted garlic pushing up through the soil
Garden plan 2011Garden plan 2011
  • Fall-planted garlic pushing up through the soil
  • Garden plan 2011

I spent a large portion of my Sunday putting my garden plan for 2011 together, successfully making myself feel overwhelmed.

I took into consideration:

  • light/shade
  • spacing (used intensive spacing recommendations from How to Grow More Vegetables)
  • crop rotation
  • crop height and sun angle
  • length of time in the garden
  • special needs like trellising, row cover, etc.

I initially thought my hundreds of seedlings would be way overkill, but after calculating it out it looks like I’ll just have a few left over, assuming everybody survives.

The circled numbers are how many of each crop I’ll plant. The garlic was planted in the fall and is starting to come up.

This plan assumes putting in another raised bed this year. I’m going to have to hustle to get the blocks and soil mix ordered and put together by the time my seedlings need to be set out.

There are several things that I want to grow but don’t currently have a space for, so this will morph over time as things come out of the garden and space is freed up. Pulling up the garlic will free up a lot of space, but it’s hard to know if the garlic will be ready in August or in May like it was last year.

What are you growing this year?

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