Leek and onion sproutsLeek and onion sprouts

So…is something happening today? Something that gets the whole country in an uproar and leaves one measley bunch of sad cilantro between two grocery stores?

Oh right, Super-something.

We’re not anti-sports, but we’re just not into it. We do occasionally watch a game and root for the Tigers when the football team is doing well (we’re fair-weather fans), but that’s about it. We like playing sports, but don’t much get into the armchair quarterback side of things.

Plus we don’t have a TV. Again, we’re not anti-TV (I binge on the Food Network when we travel), but neither of us had had a TV for years before we got married, so we just made a decision not to get one.

Plus we don’t know how anyone has time for it, anyway. But that’s coming from two overly ambitious people who have about eight different businesses or projects going on at the same time. So maybe it’s just us.

I do think it’s a Super Sunday, though. Some of the leeks and onions I planted last week are starting to come up! That’s about as exciting as it gets around here.

Today’s projects: Charlie’s working on freelance, I’ll start more seeds, bake bread, do some laundry, and maybe get some reading in on organic beekeeping.

Anyone else not participating in the Super Bowl fever today? How are you spending your Sunday?

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