Thank you, Martin Rice!Thank you, Martin Rice!

I finally used up all the rice in our pantry, which meant that I got to buy Missouri rice!

Did you know?
Missouri is the 5th largest rice-producing state in the U.S. Okay, out of six states. But still! We can grow rice here! Okay, in the Bootheel. But still. It’s Missouri.

If you’re looking for Missouri rice, look no further than Martin Rice. I don’t know the Martins personally, but they sure make it easy to buy local rice.

24 lb of long grain brown rice is $21, which is $0.88/lb. That is cheap, my friends, even compared to cheap grocery store rice. Shipping and taxes will bring your total to $35.54, for a total of $1.48/lb. Or, if you’re around Bernie, MO, you could stop by the farm.

Did I mention that the rice is packaged in stitched cotton bags?! How cool is that!

We keep ours in our big momma 1951 freezer, so we should be set for rice for years to come.

What local foods have you tried recently?

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