Making homemade salsa has definitely been popular this year. Here’s another guest post from Erin Kilby from Ontario, and some great photos of her homegrown, homemade, home canned salsa.


We’ve had such a large quantity of tomatoes in our garden over the last couple years, and with the whole family loving salsa I decided to can some of our own. This was our second year doing so and I’m happy to report that most of our ingredients came right from my garden. I only had to purchase a few of the hot peppers from the store.

A batch of about 5 jars, with all the washing, chopping, seasoning and simmering only takes about 2 hours depending on how long you simmer. Such an easy food to can and the taste is so fresh no matter what time of year you open the jar!

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  1. Kamil
    1 March 2016 at 11:41 am #

    Kris, how can we follow you on Pinterest?! Just saw your tweet about chotolace cake and I have been dyyying to make one from scratch! Just tried looking up your Pinterest pg but stopped Bc it felt like stalking eek