• Surprise!

A few weeks ago I was at Fahrmeier Farms and decided to pick up four pumpkins. My attempt at growing pumpkin in a pot was a complete flop, so we have no homegrown pumpkins to speak of, and I wanted some local pumpkins to store and cook for the winter. Fahrmeiers have plenty, so problem solved.

I put them down in the basement in the room that will eventually become the root cellar. It’s basically a room that’s mostly separated from the rest of the basement, and still contains the house’s original coal chute. With a few modifications, the proper insulation and ventilation, it’ll make the perfect root cellar. And in the meantime it’s not perfect, but I have stored some veg in there for several months (onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash). And so that’s where I put the pumpkins.

With my travel and whatnot recently, I haven’t been downstairs in several weeks. Just a day or two ago I went down to the root cellar to check on everything – and found a rapidly sprouting bag of organic potatoes, but that’s not a big surprise. What was a surprise was the pumpkin on the floor. Smashed to bits. Well hello, rotting pumpkin.

I can only assume that it fell off the table and had a great time molding itself to death over 3 weeks. Thankfully there wasn’t a smell (and I didn’t have time to clean it up so sadly it is still there), but it was quite the visual spectacle.

Note to self: next time, push the pumpkins back from the edge of the table.

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  1. What Pigs Don't Know
    11 October 2010 at 5:39 pm #

    I can not believe that thing DOESN’T smell! – Carrie