Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

This guest post comes from my friend Erin Kilby who lives in Ontario. She and her family live in the country and raise chickens and help with a neighbour’s farm.


There’s nothing quite like homegrown chickens. The taste is so much better and to see them growing and to see what they’re eating is an added bonus.

We decided this year to order some dual purpose ones. Male and female. The males are very good looking, I might add. White and speckled with black. So they not only will do two jobs but look good doing it! We hope to keep some, male and female, over the winter to use for egg laying.

We put them in their coop over night but other then that they run “free” in quite a roomy pen. They are amazing living composters and nothing is wasted from the kitchen.

We order them in later May and raise them over the summer months into early Fall and butcher them come later September. It’s a wonderful, hands on experience from start to finish for not only the adults involved but also our four children.

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