Baby Roma tomatoesBaby Roma tomatoes
Tomato blossomTomato blossom
  • Baby Roma tomatoes
  • Tomato blossom

I was beginning to think I was never going to get any tomatoes. I thought it was just me, but then read on Chert Hollow Farm’s blog that tomatoes were scarce even at the market.

After that I started asking around and it sounds like everybody’s struggling this year. I wonder what it is that delayed tomatoes so much this year. Was it all the rain we got?

I looked back at my photos from last year and our plants were totally loaded with fruit (and falling over) by this time last year. We got a ton of rain last year, too, and my plants did fine because all the excess drained through the raised bed. What a strange difference.

We now at least have four baby Romas coming on, and the plants are blooming like crazy. Hopefully we will still end up with a great crop, even though it might be very late.

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