Protecting the zucchini with nettingProtecting the zucchini with netting
First zucchini!First zucchini!
  • Protecting the zucchini with netting
  • First zucchini!

I was excited to see our zucchini start blooming a couple weeks ago. Eventually I realized, though, that the day after the bloom appeared, it would be gone, leaving a lowly blunt stem behind.

At first I wasn’t sure if I was imagining it or if the blooms were dying and falling off, but finally came to the conclusion that something was eating the blooms off. Has anyone else experienced this? There doesn’t seem to be damage to any of the other plants, so I can only figure that an animal developed a penchant for squash blossoms and visited the plant regularly.

Solution? Cover the plants with the no-longer-necessary strawberry netting. Result? First zucchini! Whoohoo! There are several other surviving blossoms, so I’m anticipating a good zucchini harvest.

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