Today I went out to check on the garden, and found that the worm castings had sprouted.

Excuse me?

So last week I harvested a tray of castings, spread them around the tomatoes and felt pretty good about my worm management. Then we had the wormpocalypse, and we all know how that went down. Today, the castings are sprouting.

I have no idea what they’re growing. Well, there is one main type of sprouts growing, then plus I found a amazing-looking specimen of what I determined to be a plant in the squash family. What?? The last time we had winter squash was in the winter, probably4-5 months ago. So this little seed survived the worms, was set free in the garden and then happily took root under the shade of a tomato plant.

This really took me by surprise. I guess I knew that the worms didn’t eat some of the seeds (I saw several seeds that I’m pretty sure were pepper seeds in with the castings), but I never thought they would sprout. I guess that was me thinking that commercially grown grocery store produce is sterile and could never reproduce. I have been proven wrong.

My best bet is that they are pepper seedlings, and that the squash is a butternut. Any other ideas?

It does kind of annoy me that I introduced “weed” seeds into my garden. This really works against my weed-free garden philosophy. I pulled most of the sprouts up, but then Charlie suggested replanting them so I replanted a few bunches. I guess we’ll find out what they are! I also replanted the squash in one of the holes in the blocks. How bizarre.

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