June 6. Just starting to turn.June 6. Just starting to turn.
  • June 6. Just starting to turn.

I just stopped by the Columbia Farmer’s Market and picked up some blueberries courtesy of Terri’s Berries. I’ve been home for approximately 5.2 seconds and have already eaten half the pint. YUM.

Our blueberries are almost ready to pick. The recommendations are to pick them a week after they turn blue to allow them to get bigger and sweeten up. I’ll check on them over the weekend. We’ll only get a handful this year, but I’m excited to taste my first backyard grown blueberry. :)

I covered the bushes with netting supported by former tomato cages (which, by the way, are completely useless for their namesake occupation) to protect them from the birds. I’ve seen no damage to the berries at all, so I’m all in favour of netting. I’d really like to plant more blueberry bushes in the front yard (check out this fall foliage!) but having to net them during the summer makes me wary of annoying the neighbours.  Anyone know of an attractive way to net blueberries?

It looks like our strawberries are all finished bearing for the season. And even with 18 lb, I only got a quart in the freezer! We must be more diligent next time to not eat them all at once.

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  1. HeLin
    1 March 2016 at 4:25 am #

    , July 11, 2012 at 2:45 pm I took my honey there on our third anniversary and we had a great time. You woldun’t think that a blueberry farm would be any fun, but it is a great place to do something different and interesting with the one you love. They really don’t care if you throw blueberries at each other, but we hardly did that. We spent most of our time together, laughing and telling old stories about when we first met. Would have thought picking blueberries could be so romantic?