I really wasn’t expecting the garlic to be ready to harvest until August, so the browning of the leaves really took me by surprise.

I pulled up a couple bulbs as a test, and the bigger bulbs looked perfect and the teeny bulbs looked a little overdone and cracked. That told me that now was the time, so I pulled the rest up.

We have been blessed with an overabundance of old window screens from an earlier time in our home’s life. The screens just happen to be the perfect medium for drying garlic, so I pulled ’em out of their hiding places.

I initially was going to lay them out to dry under a tree where they would primarily be in the shade all day, but after realizing that rain might foil my attempts at drying the bulbs, I reconsidered. (And good thing, too, because we just got over an inch of rain.) They’re now drying happily on our covered front porch, where we can smell them as we leave for work. Ah, there’s nothing like the smell of garlic in the morning.

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