The freezer receipt and manuals from 1951The freezer receipt and manuals from 1951
Gigantor freezerGigantor freezer
Locally raised, grass-fed beefLocally raised, grass-fed beef
  • The freezer receipt and manuals from 1951
  • Gigantor freezer
  • Locally raised, grass-fed beef

Last Saturday we woke up to the power out and a tree crew working a couple houses down. Apparently there was a storm the night before (although we didn’t notice) that brought a tree down in the morning.

The tree caught the power lines on the way down, but thankfully didn’t knock the power out directly. The tree crew just turned the power to the neighbourhood off so they could work safely around the tree.

We’ve had several short power outages over the last couple of months, and they always make me a little anxious. In December we cowpooled with a few friends and split a quarter of a side of local grass-fed beef from Covered-L Farms. I have our portion plus a friend’s portion in our 1951 gigantic freezer.

The freezer came with the house when we bought it only because no one could get it out. It must have been moved into the house early on (in 1951, apparently), and then the basement walls built around it.

We know it is from 1951 because we still have the receipt. The woman who lived in our house before us was… shall we say, particular with her things, and kept every piece of paper that came through her door for the 80 years that she lived here.

Thankfully the power was restored quickly and no damage was done to the beef. Having a large amount of meat on hand provides a measure of self-sufficiency and convenience (I don’t have to buy meat for a YEAR!). But there is always a chance of a major power outage, in which case we would have a large amount of dead cow on our hands.

I keep a thermometer in both our fridge and the ancient deep freeze so I can be sure the temperature in each stays in the safe zone. They especially come in handy during times like these when you can use some reassurance that your food is safe.

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