Our first two baby tomatoesOur first two baby tomatoes
Baby pepperBaby pepper
  • Our first two baby tomatoes
  • Baby pepper

There is a part of me that is anxious that the new soil mix I used for beds #2 and #3 won’t work. I’ve never used it before, and what if something terrible happens? What if I mixed things the wrong way and the mix is anathema to plants?? What if it was all a big waste?

But then I see baby vegetables growing and I feel better.

A friend of mine took a gamble and planted her garden (tomatoes, squash and all) at the beginning of April. We didn’t get a single frost in April or May, so her gamble paid off. She’s already harvested zucchini and yellow squash.

That makes me wish I’d planted earlier, but since I put in new beds this year the beds didn’t exist any earlier than the day I planted. Now that I have three beds I plan to do some Four-Season Harvesting through the winter, and definitely get an early start on the spring and summer garden next year.

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