We started harvesting strawberries on May 13 and in 11 days we harvested over six pounds of berries from our 10×4′ patch. The plants are a mix of Earlyglow (early), Jewel (mid-late) and Seascape (day-neutral) from Johnny’s Strawberry Plant Collection, so we should have strawberries through the fall. They are Charlie’s favourite. :)

Despite what I would consider a pretty good yield, the potential yield has been reduced because of quite a bit of fruit rot. It seems to be especially concentrated in the middle of the patch. We’ve had two seasons of especially cool and wet conditions, so it’s been perfect for breeding fruit rot. The best way to control fruit rot without using chemicals seems to be thinning out the plants so they have better air and sun penetration. I’m going to open up the middle of the patch after this bearing season is over, and hopefully that’ll help prevent fruit rot next year. In the meantime, our grass is littered with half-rotten strawberries. I hope the birds appreciate it.

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