I made two major mistakes when planting our three highbush blueberries: not acidifying the soil (I know…) and planting them at the lower end of our yard which gets extremely soggy after a good rain.

They survived last year’s very wet growing season, but didn’t seem very happy about it.  This year I added some sulfur around them to help give them some extra acidity, and they seem to be doing better. I’ve had a plan for where to move them for months, but it requires removing the junk heap leftover from the house demolition from the backyard and having that site prepared at the same time when the blueberries are (preferably) dormant. Until then, they sit in their not-ideal location.

Two of the three are producing for the first time, though, and that makes me happy. It looks like we should get a handful of berries or so this year. I’m sure at some point I’ll need to put netting over the bushes so the birds don’t get that handful before we do.

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