I planted German extra-hardy hardneck garlic in the fall. I’ve basically ignored the garlic since then, but in the last week or so they’ve sent up their scapes and that has gotten me wondering what to do next.

After looking around online I decided I should snip off the scapes to encourage bigger bulb formation. I snipped off 0.6 lb of scapes which we’ll try for the first time as part of tomorrow night’s dinner.

I also wasn’t sure when I should harvest these guys. Most things I have read have said harvest time is July-August, but some of the lower leaves are starting to brown and apparently that also indicates it’s time to harvest. I pushed back the soil from around one of the bulbs to take a look at it. It looks like a nice bulb, but it wasn’t as big as I expected so I thought it could use more time.

I think I just got the final word from my Johnny’s growing instructions, though. (I should have just read them first, but they were upstairs in the un-air conditioned attic where it’s currently 104 degrees F.) They say to harvest after the lower leaves start to yellow, but before one or two turn brown. Looks like I have browning on at least one leaf on each plant, so it’s probably time to pull ’em up. How exciting!

I’m also excited to be able to use that 6×4′ or so plot in garden bed #1 to grow something else this summer. Hmm, what else do I want to grow?

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