Photo from Homegrown EvolutionPhoto from Homegrown Evolution

Here’s a good general introduction to ways to keep your garden sustainable:

And a great, super simple idea from Homegrown Evolution on the best and easiest greywater system ever. We are thinking about integrating this into the deck we plan to build on the back of our house. We do just happen to have an old cast iron sink left over from an old house…

Outdoor Sink Makes Water Recycling Simple

This is my new outdor sink. I found the cast iron sink on the side of the road in Pomona and gleefully dragged the heavy beast several hundred yards to my car. I had a frame built for it out of scrap wood lying around the yard, the faucet and pipes came from another discarded sink, and we hooked it up to the hose outlet. It drains into a simple 5 gallon bucket which I can then pour out into the nearby landscape. It is super simple grey water. Now instead of going inside to wash my hands or rinse produce from the garden, I can use the outdoor sink and easily recycle my water. Plus, there is less dirt and compost in my kitchen sink. This is the kind of so-simple-its-brilliant stuff I just love. While I would like my entire house to have a greywater system, that isn’t really feasible at this time. The house is old and the pipes are very difficult, perhaps impossible, to access. So we are starting with the sink and soon we are doing a simple greywater system from the washing machine as part of our Summer Workshop Series. Every drop counts so we have to start somewhere.

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