I’ve been enjoying the creativity and new experiences that come with eating seasonally. “Well, we have a whole bunch of tomatoes right now. What should I do with them?” I don’t have enough to can for salsa or spaghetti sauce (which is my hope, eventually). Because I’ve been focused on eating what comes out of our garden and what’s available at the farmer’s market, we’ve had basil pesto, pico de gallo, and now bruschetta. I’ve never made any of these things before, and they’ve all been amazing.

The bruschetta is up there with the pesto on one of the best things I have ever made. I wish I’d taken a picture of the pesto, but I think it didn’t even make it out of the food processor. I ate half of it before Charlie even got home, and we polished the rest off with dinner.

I’ve recently introduced butter into my cooking. I know, how unusual. I never liked the taste of butter while I was growing up. Maybe we just always had low quality butter at home (sorry, Mom), but it just never tasted that good. That, combined with the saturated fat issue, and I became more of a margarine person. (Only the NO TRANS FAT type, of course, for those who think margarine is the devil. We can have this debate at another time.) Anyway, Charlie refused to give up his butter, so we always had some in the house. And now that I’ve tried cooking with it a few times, the margarine is gone.

Last night when I was cooking up the bruschetta (with lots of butter, oh my), Charlie was like, “Who are you? Where is my wife??” And the buttery bruschetta was totally amazing. BUT, not something that we should eat every day. All in moderation.

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